FREE Curbside Recycling is just a call away

Call (912)437-6671

Just give your name and address to setup service.  Waste Management expects to deliver recycling bins two weeks before July 1st. Pickup will be every two weeks, and information on what can be recycled will be included with the recycling bins. For more information about recycling visit our website by clicking below.


WM services has provided a large drop off container for our recyclables. No sorting is necessary SO no items in plastic bags, just drive on up and drop it in. You will need to take a trip to the County Landfill and a map is provided below. Doing this during 800AM-400PM CLOSED on SUNDAY. Look for the “recycle here” signs!

Some areas of the County collect with volunteers and make weekly trips. We can all help by bringing recyclable materials when we can. Discuss this your friends and neighbors, we can all help with a group effort!


Regular Curbside Pick up

Regular home waste for McIntosh County is offered by Waste Management

To sign up for services 

Go online to Waste Management's website. 

McIntosh County Landfill 

3393 Churchill Rd, Townsend, GA 31331

(912) 832-6155


Monday 7am-5pm

Tuesday 7am-5pm

Wednesday 7am-5pm

Thurday 7am-5pm

Friay 7am-5pm

Saturday 7am-5pm