Due to COVID-19 and Chief Justice Melton's Order of Judicial Emergency, April 9th, May 14th, and June 11th cases are continued to July 9th and July 16th. For your specific date and time, please log onto www.dariengapay.com or feel free to call the phone number listed below.  

Municipal Court of Darien

Post Office Box 452

Darien, Georgia  31305

Phone:  912.437.6644   Fax:  912.437.7841

Hon. C. Jean Bolin

Judge of the Municipal Court

Lisa Schulte

Clerk of Court

Hon. William (Bill) Williams

Judge of the Municipal Court   

Sonja Gibbs

Deputy Clerk of Court 





For payments online:  www.dariengapay.com  

For payments by phone: 1-866-996-5890

For payments by mail:  Darien Municipal Court

                                      PO Box 452

                                      1180 Coastal Dr., SW

                                      Darien, GA  31305

DarienCityHall 500w 3347